A Farmer and His Sons
The Farmer and His Sons

Once, a farmer has three grown-up sons. They always quarreled among themselves. Their father advised them to live in peace but it had no effect on them. One day, the farmer fell seriously ill. He sent for his sons to collect a handful of sticks. The farmer then tied these sticks into a bundle.

He asked each of his sons to break the bundle. They tried with all their might to break it but none could. At last, the farmer untied the bundle and asked each of them to break each stick. They did so with ease. Their father said, “Sons, you could not break the sticks as long as they remained tied in a bundle but you managed to break a single stick. The sticks were strong in a bundle but became weak when separated.” This had a deep effect on the farmer’s sons. They gave up quarreling and began to live in peace.

Moral: Never forget that united we stand and divided we fall.

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